Special thanks to our GOLD Sponsor, David Mobley, Songwriter/Producer, for his continued support of Nitzinger's Music Factory.  

Rock camps and private lessons are currently on hold while John recovers from illness.  In the spirit of his passion to give the gift of music to inner city, at risk youth, we are graciously accepting donations to continue private lessons in conjunction with qualified instructors at a local music store.

In 2006, John produced his CD, "Kiss Of The Mudman" including the song, "Sarah's Letter", a project with a few of his talented students:   Lyrics co-written with rock camp student, Sarah Sutton, violin by student Channing Hooper and little girl vocals by Ava Worm.

John works to bring out the emotional beauty and self-expression through the child’s own unique and creative talents.  Rock Camp  includes guitar, bass, drums and vocals with the following visions:  Write and perform original songs, learn chord structures, learn professional tricks that make playing easier, learn with rhythms, bass & vocals to combine instruments as a band, learn lead and backup vocals (harmonies & unison vocals).  See Rock Camp images below.

In response to Johnny stressing creativity, spirituality and clean living to his students, parents have given the following testimonials:

   “My son looks forward every week to his lesson with John. Between the lessons and practicing, his focus has improved in all areas of learning.  Thank you, Johnny !”  -Allison

   “My son was having a hard time with drugs, alcohol, and life in general. Johnny’s attitude toward a spiritual, drug free life has turned him around. Through private lessons, he now plays a mean bass, and is instrumental in helping other young people find a meaningful, fun, path in this crazy world of today.  Thanks Johnny !  -Dwayne

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Scholarship donations are graciously accepted.     See below:

Rock Camp 2010.  

John explains the PA system.
Rock Camp 2010. John explains the PA system.

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